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Kooler Colour

teenyKOOLER 350ml

Pls check the fitting size of kooler cover for your bottle.


Single-wall BottlesDouble-wall Vacuum Bottles
350ml teenyKOOLER
350ml teenyTANKA with all lidsNone
600ml miniKOOLER600ml miniTANKA with all lids
350ml thermoTANKA with all lids
800ml sportsKOOLER
800ml sportsTANKA with all lids600ml thermoTANKA with all lids
1000ml trekkaKOOLER
1000ml trekkaTANKA with all lids800ml thermoTANKA with all lids
1200ml supaKOOLER1200ml supaTANKA with all lids12001200ml thermoTANKA with all lids (tight fit)
2000ml megaKOOLER2000ml megaTANKA with both lids2000ml thermoTANKA with both lids (tight fit)
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