ECOtanka Stainless Steel lunchBOX with 1 pocketBOX - b-grade

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b-grade special price, Limited supply

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*** b-grade special price *** *** Limited supply ***

- NO plastic in contact with food

- High quality 304 stainless-steel

- FREE seal & locking frame (complementary)

- Works with or without seal & locking frame (the old-fashion way)

- 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX

- 650ml pocketBOX

The ECOtanka 2L stainless-steel lunchBOX / foodBOX and the 650ml pocketBOX has been made to a very high-quality standard, strong enough to handle bumps and knocks yet big enough to fit one person's morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea all in one box.

The design of ECOtanka lunchBOX is to have NO plastic in contact with your food and to be able to seal the stainless-steel lid with the stainless-steel body, which has been achieved by combining a German-grade silicone seal to the underside of the lid and a fitted plastic locking frame to the top of the lid.

ECOtanka lunchBOX is versatile and multi-functional, which can also be used as a pure and solid stainless-steel container without the silicone seal and plastic locking frame, or and comes with one or two pocketBOXes inside to separate and portion different kinds of food.

Apart from the obvious, ECOtanka lunchBOX makes a very good foodBOX for the refrigerator with its seal locking the moisture in and with the solid stainless-steel material blocking all the outside light to keep food fresher and longer. Salads have been shown to stay fresh and crispy for longer than 7 days in the refrigerator. The lunchBOX is ideal for all types of food.

All parts of ECOtanka lunchBOX / foodBOX are 100% dishwasher safe, and also easy for hand washing.

ECOtanka lunchBOX / foodBOX has been designed and made for its big size, durability, lightweight, sealability and NO food contact with plastic.

The overall size of ECOtanka lunchBOX / foodBOX is: Length 236mm x Width 182mm x Height 82mm

The overall size of ECOtanka pocketBOX is: Length 147.7mm x Width 99.5mm x Height 59mm

Keep food fresher longer in the fridge (salads and veges stay fresh for more than 7 days)

b-grade products only have minor marks on the outside of the stainless-steel only, such as tiny scratches, very small dent, slight colour difference in stainless-steel, while all other parts such as packaging, silicone lid, silicone seal and plastic frame are all 100% A-Grade materials and finished product. No return or refund.

Care Instruction:
  • Gentle Hand wash Recommended
  • Dishwasher Safe
Inner Coating:
  • No inner coating
Logo Type:
  • Laser Logo
  • Natural Craft Box
Product Brand Disply:
Safety Grade:
  • Free from Antimony (sb), DEHA, DEHP & Phthalate
  • Free from lead
  • 650ml
  • 2000ml

Lid Features

Lid Material:
  • 304 Stainless Steel